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A classic stand-alone game that gains more props and items through combat upgrade copy challenges, enhances individual combat power to challenge more advanced BOSS

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"Hot Blood Emperor City" game uses a new technology to operate smoothly, as a classic end-game mobile finale, mobile game original replica engraving classic elements, warfare three occupations, playing treasure, red name, PK explosives, guild Attacking the sand... Try to restore the original perfectly on the mobile side.

Game features:

[Multiple social stimulation to fight treasure]

On this continent, there are a group of players who call them brothers. They each set up a large, medium and small guild. One person is not as good as a group fight, and thousands of people are on the same screen. Passionately fighting, killing wasteland, double darts, sand city contending for hegemony, vying for treasures and other diverse activities, welcome all the masters to fight together!

[PK explosions, blood and sand attack]

Deeply optimize the pk system, precise touch, one-click lock, take the enemy's first level thousands of miles away, rich PvP gameplay, waiting for you to become famous!

Thousands of people are on the same screen, fighting for the imperial city, passionately killing, accepting the worship of the people.

[Ultra-high welfare, free trade]

Super high welfare, come to play and send, God loaded the table, the dragon ruling must be decided.

Offline hang-up, easy upgrade, go to work and hang up, the equipment free trade is unlimited, the ashes must play.

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The only Xianxia mobile game, which was adapted from the "Xiaokexing" genuine novel and the "Qingyunyu" novel joint publishing house, was officially launched.

Gorgeous skills, ups and downs of the plot and a collection of casual games, only you can play.

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A casual puzzle game that uses your intelligence to earn copper coins as quickly as possible and then buy heroes.

In addition, you can also upgrade the hero level through synthesis. The higher the level, the faster the copper coins will be earned.

Players who like to collect and develop, come and experience it!

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On the land of Douro's mainland, the original calm days turned into a hellish nightmare. In the face of the invasion of the four demons, heroes of all walks of life began to appear. What kind of challenge is waiting for you?

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Hang up and meditate to get experience, team up to explore treasure!

The market task sends gold coins, and the equipment is growing fast!

Xianmeng battlefield takes honor, gorgeous title is domineering!

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