"Hot Blood Emperor City" game uses a new technology to operate smoothly, as a classic end-game mobile finale, mobile game original replica engraving classic elements, warfare three occupations, playing treasure, red name, PK explosives, guild Attacking the sand... Try to restore the original perfectly on the mobile side.

Game features:

[Multiple social stimulation to fight treasure]

On this continent, there are a group of players who call them brothers. They each set up a large, medium and small guild. One person is not as good as a group fight, and thousands of people are on the same screen. Passionately fighting, killing wasteland, double darts, sand city contending for hegemony, vying for treasures and other diverse activities, welcome all the masters to fight together!

[PK explosions, blood and sand attack]

Deeply optimize the pk system, precise touch, one-click lock, take the enemy's first level thousands of miles away, rich PvP gameplay, waiting for you to become famous!

Thousands of people are on the same screen, fighting for the imperial city, passionately killing, accepting the worship of the people.

[Ultra-high welfare, free trade]

Super high welfare, come to play and send, God loaded the table, the dragon ruling must be decided.

Offline hang-up, easy upgrade, go to work and hang up, the equipment free trade is unlimited, the ashes must play.

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